12/31 Happy New Year

It’s New Years eve, and everyone has their goals in mind for 2014. In the coming year I challenge everyone to have a different goal every month. That’s right, 12 goals.

A small attainable goal, something that will keep you going because anyone can do something consistently for 30 days.

For instance, the first month I will practice handstand push ups every day. I will only do between 3-5 reps starting out. But after a month, I should be consistently better at hspu’s.
Another goal may be to save an extra $200 for a month. I know for a fact that if I cut my coffee habit and my buying random crap that I don’t need or going out for the extra dinner each week I could easily save an extra $200. Now think if I did that every month….that is paying off a student loan bill, or next Christmas paid for plus some left over.
Take a month and learn to cook a new food a couple different ways. Something you may have thought you would never eat before. I think I’m going to try cow tongue, sshhhhh, don’t tell my family!

The great thing about small attainable goals is that you are likely to meet them and continue them. They are manageable and can easily become a habit (a healthy one).
As you meet each goal this year you will hit bumps in the road on the way, but the bumps teach us to overcome. They teach us to rethink our original strategy in achieving said goal.

At the end of each month, write down your goal and what you learned about yourself in the last 30 days.  Keep this in a journal, diary, or just a piece of paper in a jar in your kitchen cupboard.
Either way at the end of 2014 you will be able to see how far you’ve come in a year, what you’ve learned about yourself, and ready to set goals for 2015.

Thanks to all the readers of PG Paleo and Proving Grounds DGA this year.  You guys are the bomb dot com :-)

New Year Squat

Cheers to a fantastic 2014, go forth and squat heavy & deep!

One response to “12/31 Happy New Year

  1. Have a happy and healthy New Year!!! :D :D :D

    I hope you have a beautiful day.

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