12/17 All I want for Christmas…….

First and foremost, a huge congrats to Armand on his graduation this past weekend and to Emily and Kevin M. on their marriage.  We’re so happy for all of you!!!!

Over the years (going on 5 to be exact) I’ve come to know what products I love for CrossFit and running. The list below are some of the things I could not live without!

For my husband, if you are reading this, Hint, Hint Sucka :-)

1)  Inov-8′s. I seriously love, love, love these shoes. They are fabulous to use in THE CrossFit – light enough for box jumps and running, yet flat enough that you also feel stable while doing Oly lifts. Plus down here in the South when it gets hot as all get out in the summer, your feet don’t sweat profusely in these shoes. I also use mine for trail running, and it does not matter how much water or mud you run through, it drains right out with these shoes. The heavy, soggy feeling you get from traditional running shoes does NOT apply here :-)
I have both of these models. I tend to like the 240’s more for the CrossFit and the 195’s for trails.
Inov8 Inov8195You can grab both of these models, including the Inov8 weigh lifting shoes (I have not tried yet, but am very anxious) at:
Check back often as they frequently have sales.

2) Sports bra‘s. I think I’ve tried every sports bra under the sun….from the Wally World special to Lulu. And my favorites are – Avia sports bras and Target. The Avia brand I usually buy from TJMaxx or Marshalls and obviously the Target brand is from Target.
avia sports bra target sports bras

Now I will warn you, I’m a member of the Itty Bitty TT committee, so I do not require a ton of support in this area…if you do – these may not work for you. But feel free to post to comments what does work for you!

3) Shorts. I love shorts, but when I buy work out shorts – they must have liners/built-in underwear. Just like every other female in America, Lululemon are fantastic. They’re cute, fit well and make your back side look good. I am NOT, however, a fan of their price tag! I am, however, a HUGE fan of the ranger panty…stick with me here girls. I first came across these back in high school….and have since bought a bazillion pair. They are light weight, comfortable and dry quickly during hot summer WOD’s.
ranger pantiesThese shorts ^^ equal cute on girls — not so much on guys!

4) Shirts. I’m a fan of wearing tanks while working out, yes, even in the winter. I’ll go in the gym/garage wearing a sweatshirt then as soon as I get warmed up, I’ll take off the sweatshirt and wod in a tank. They just feel less restricting than short sleeve shirts to me.
My go to place for cute tanks that are lightweight and comfortable –
Where you can find this gem :-)
Wod Outlet BL tankOr this. What can I say….I’m a sucker for All American stuff!
rokfit strength and honor
5) Pants. I don’t wear pants often, but when I do these are 2 legit 2 quit!
WodGear – http://www.wodoutlet.com
blue caprisAnd I happen to love wild and crazy pants. They’re always fun :-)
Check out http://www.evolvefitwear.com for fun patterns like these.
Evolve leggings
6) Jeans. Last but by far not least….jeans. Girls, we all know once you start doing the CrossFit your back side grows as well as your thighs. This is an amazing thing and gives you ass for day – Schwinggggg.
Finding jeans is NOT always fun – but if you are willing to spend a couple bucks and not scared to wear skinny jeans (pretty much the only reasonable option).
Check these out!
Paige Premium Denim – Peg skinny. (for my husband, size 26 – please and thank you!)
Peg SkinnyThese are the only jeans I’ve found that have enough stretch where you can buy your waist true to size. They look amazing with boots, ballet flats, and heels.

Merry Christmas Dudes and Dudettes!

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