11/20 Paleo Lemon Bars

It’s been a couple days since the last post.  I actually had every intention of posting on Monday….up until we found out we lost a PG team member in A’stan over the weekend.
When you hear this stuff (way too freaking much IMO) it immediately puts things into perspective, all the ‘issues’ in day to day life don’t really seem important anymore.
Suddenly all I think about is, do I tell my daughter I love her enough, did I give my husband a kiss as he left for work and tell him I appreciate all he does for our family, do I tell my friends and family how freaking awesome they are because you guys are the best!!!
If you haven’t done so lately, take the time to tell the people in your life how amazing they are – it only takes a minute but means the world.

Anyway, I just want to take the time to thank everyone for doing yesterday’s wod – you guys make PG what it is, one big. amazing family :-)


These paleo lemon bars actually come from Fed and Fit. I actually halved the recipe…kind of. Okay, I halved everything but the eggs. I was busy making these with my daughter as we were also talking to my sister on speaker phone Saturday night, so I accidentally forgot to halve the number of eggs.
Good thing is….they still tasted amazing and have extra protein ;-)

paleo lemon bars_crop
Paleo Lemon Bars (FedandFit.com)

– 1 cup coconut flour
– 1/4 tsp kosher salt, I used himalayan
– 1/4 c honey
– 8 tbsp coconut oil, you will want this to be at room temp – not necessarily melted (think of this as your butter if you were making a traditional pie crust)

– 3/4 c fresh lemon juice, I think it took me approximately 6 lemons
– 3/4 c honey, measure this in a microwave safe glass container if possible.
– 1 tbsp fresh lemon zest, I think I used slightly more but I love lemon zest…so…
– 4 eggs – remember that 4. I used 8, it still tasted great just a little less lemon-y.

For the Crust.
– Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
– Line a 8×8 or 9×9 baking dish with parchment paper.
– Whisk the coconut flour and salt together.
– Stir in the honey until the mixture is a crumbley consistancy.
– Drop 8 tbsp of coconut oil into the mix, and using a fork incorporate the coconut oil into the coconut flour.
– Pour this crust into the pan and mash down evenly with the palm of your hand.
– Pop into the oven for 17-20 minutes, mine was closer to 20.
– Remove and let cool on the counter while you are finishing the filling.
LEMON BAR CRUST._cropI probably could have let mine cook a touch longer but was kind of freaked out I would burn it – I’m a great cook, baking is a whole other ball game!

For the Filling.
– After you finish squeezing 3/4 cup of lemon juice, pour into a medium size mixing bowl.
– This is where the glass measuring cup comes in handy, pop the honey into the microwave for about 35 seconds. When it comes out, slowly pour into the lemon juice while whisking until the honey is completely dissolved into lemon juice.
– Mix in the eggs, whisking a couple at a time.
– Follow up with adding the lemon zest and whisk once more.
– Pour the filling into the baking dish making sure the crust is completely covered.
– Bake for approximately 20 minutes. If you accidentally/intentionally use the 8 eggs bake approx 30 minutes. (It is done when you shake the pan and there isn’t a ton of jiggle any more).
– Let cool on the counter for 30 minutes, then place in the fridge for at least 3 hours before serving – overnight works best though.

** You could easily alter this recipe and use key limes for a key lime pie dessert – use the same crust and same basic filling recipe just switch the lemons for key limes.

Peace, Love, and PG

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