10/17 Snack Attack

While helping people plan for weeks of eating paleo, especially when they are super new to it…I think one of the hardest things is to find things you like to snack on. And keeping those snacks readily available.

Here are a list of my favorites:

– Salami/Summer Sausage with grape/cherry tomatoes
– Apple and Sunbutter/Almond butter
– Banana and Sunbutter / Almond butter
– Lunch meat (Roast Beef, Turkey, Ham, Chicken), Applegate Farms or Boars Head are the only two that are not super processed and do NOT use carrageenan.
– Hard Boiled Eggs. I like these with spicy mustard or hot sauce.
– Fruit Salad. If you are on a 30 day challenge, keep it strictly with berries (less sugar).
– Beef or Deer Jerky
– Terra Brand Sweet Potato Chips.
– Egg Salad. Make this using mashed avocado instead of mayo.
– Coconut Popovers (recipe @ 6/11)
– Smoothies. Use fresh fruit, frozen fruit and a little almond or coconut milk. If you use frozen fruit there is no need for ice (recipe @ 6/30)
– Avocado and diced tomato with pico de gallo/fresh salsa.
– Bacon wrapped dates (recipe @ 6/6)
– Murphy Bars (recipe @ 5/7)
– Paleo Hummus and veggies (recipe @ 6/18)
– Ham steaks cubed and tomatoes
– Tuna /Chicken Salad on cucumber slices (see recipe below)
– Ants on a Log.
– Chia Pudding (recipe @ 9/17)

This chicken salad is similar to a family recipe. If you are not a chicken salad fan, exchange the chicken for tuna, NBD.

chicken salad

Chicken Salad.
– 1 rotisserie chicken (I get mine from Publix) when I chop up the chicken I use some of the crispy skin, it gives it good flavor
– 2 stalks of celery, quartered and diced thin
– 1 tbsp onion, finely diced
– 1/2 – 3/4 cup of paleo mayo or olive oil mayo (depends on how strict you are with it)
– 1-2 tbsp of pickle relish
– dash of paprika
– dash of S&P

** if you get tired of this particular version, switch it up and try adding one of these:  rosemary, cumin, curry powder, add some bacon, apple or grapes, even a little bit of chopped baby spinach.

Have an Amazeballs Day :-)

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